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Pack 1-4 thoughts


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Just finished first four packs and here are some thoughts:

1. This is going to be a beast. I have several Tamiya 1/16 AFVs and this, so far, compares nicely.  Can't say how much I appreciate it already being painted! Though I will invest in a set of NATO colors to touch up the bare metal hinges on the side skirts.

2. The metal/rubber tracks are awesome. Having worked with 1/35 scale track links, this is a pleasure assembling in 1/16. I laid the links on a 1/8"x1/16" balsa strip to level the center link to the  center of the track link so it was much easier to slide the pins into the links. The end links are another matter and still trying to come up with an easier way to attach. I use a small hobby hammer.

3. A common theme in these builds so far are the unnecessary steps or our-of-order steps, here are a couple examples:

At the end of Stage 15 Step 10, jump to and perform Stage 26 Steps 7 & 8 then continue with Stage 15 Step 11. It will save you from having to remove and replace the gun elevation motor.

BEFORE beginning Stage 20 Step 1, jump to and perform Stage 25 Steps 3 & 4 and then continue with Stage 20 Step 1. Again it saves you from removing and replacing the hatch raceway assembly.

4. This build has many more save-for-later parts than any other of my builds so far. Keep 'em safe!

Now... how about a companion piece?

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9 hours ago, Apathic said:

For the tracks, put some duct tape arounjd a piece of 2x4, sticky side out. Plase the end on the sticky side and hammer each one into place.

Thanks! That should keep the little fellas from sliding around!

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