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  1. On the two front 'fender' pieces are four eyebolts, and half of mine were broken off in shipping. Also, the rear view mirrors don't fold flat, and the camaglauge doesn't really line up so well, especially against the reference photos.
  2. Oh I wouldn't worry too much about the tracks being ugly. A little wear on them will look good and nobody will notice.
  3. I'd be suprised if they knew. Just order another starter kit for your neighbor. For a few bucks plus shipping, that'll get you a few new sets of track 🙂 Hell that's not a bad idea now that I think about it.
  4. You can pry it off with some pliars and hammer it back on correct. Same is true for either side (with the bars or without.) Guess how I know 🙂
  5. Starting the tank, and ordered a nice screwdriver set. Question is, I don't see any correlation between the available screw sizes and the denotions in the model pack. Is there one? Or are these small bags of screws somehow proprietary?
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