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Agoras's decision to eliminate as much plastic as possible.


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Anyone that has been to a beach anywhere in the world can testify to the amount of plastic in the water and spread all over the beaches. Fed Ex showed up at my door yesterday with a huge box. I didn't remember ordering anything that would require such a large box. I opened the box and immediately learned that it was packs 11 and 12 of the Terminator. I've been waiting for this delivery for a while so I was thrilled. Inside the large box was two medium sized boxes. Inside the medium boxes were a bunch of small boxes. Inside the small boxes was, no not smaller boxes, packs of parts in plastic bags. Now, I can only hope that this is biodegradable plastic. If not, the only thing that Agora has done is made more of a mess in my model building room. (Which was a dining room when my wife was with us.) I love Agora Models. They are without a doubt the best engineered and manufactured models that I have ever built. I'm sure there is a reason for the new packing system.

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