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Merry Christmas Tom


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I've been considering which model I should buy myself for Christmas and have decided on the Terminator. I ordered the complete kit this morning. I hope it gets here by Christmas and doesn't have any missing parts. Agora is pretty good at replacing missing parts but they include them in the next pack. No next packs this time. I love my Agora models. Sophie is the greatest. She puts up with my wining and complaining and doesn't wine or complain. Merry Christmas to the team at Agora Models. We have a long way to go together.

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Sam, maybe you can help. You responded to my Christmas post, thank you for that. I did receive the delivery within ten days of my post but there was a problem. Packs 11 and 12 weren't in the shipment. I have asked Sophie about it and she hasn't really given me a direct answer. What seems to be the problem? The two missing packs should be in stock and I can't understand what the hold up is. Any information on this?

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