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T-800 Terminator Pack 12 - Stage 118

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Stage 118, T-800 support stand:



Building on from the last stage with the metal plate and using it to screw the support stand on. I use a scalpel to wedge itself against the nut, allowing me to get a strong grip:



I proceed on to then slot the support stand underneath the base. It requires a slight angle to get past the velvet board, but once I flip into over and push it down, it all straightens up by itself:



Next, I simply screw the metal plate to the base. Then I screw on the last bit of velvet board and stick on the four tabs in each corner:



By squeezing the remaining metal pieces into a U shape, I can push them into the support tubes. To get them in all the way, I jam my screw driver in with it:



stage complete:


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