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Suggestions for website interface

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So I have mentioned some of this in my email when needing support.   As we look at the interface for the members side.   We see when a payment is about to be taken.   There is only the order number for that model. It displays only the model name(s). 
What would be nice is to see which pack(s). This payment covers. Wether it’s a12/24 month’s subscription.  This way we would know that it was say pack 4 or pack 6 of the model.   Same would be for the order page.  
Also would be nice to see our. Preorders there.   We could filter out our expired subscriptions from the list. 

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22 hours ago, Lou Dalmaso said:

when i go to my dashboard it still shows that i have no orders or subscriptions eventhough i have received my first pack of the optimus build. 
how long does it take to show up?

Mine is the same way with Optimus Prime....it shows the Shelby Cobra and the Miura, but no Optimus Prime.  I have the first pack and have already been charged for the second.

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23 hours ago, Lou Dalmaso said:

how do you know when you've been charged for a stage? (this is my first partwork, if you haven't guessed)

I pay with PayPal, so I get an E-mail from them when Payment has been taken, then an E-mail from Agora once it's shipped.



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the subscription and order page really needs a overhaul ASAP so that things expired can be filtered out and new subs added that are now being paid for.  

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