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    Where do I start. U96, Bismark, Delorean, Susuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R, Yamato, Yamato 2202, Ford GT40, Farrari F40, Ecto 1, HMS Hood, Rossi's YZR-M1,
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  1. BigDee

    Payment date

    Just checking my account and spotted that the payment date for pack 11 has changed from 29th July to 25th August?. Why? Not even been notified of the changes.
  2. Just wondering who has signed up. I for one have just done. Just a 12mth sub. Can't afford Gold or Silver subs, too many builds on the go. 🙂
  3. BigDee

    Pack 6

    Sssssssssh. You can hear a pin drop in the Agora office. Not a word. I think it's just curtesy to be given any information on what is happening. Two days to go before the next payment for pack 7 and no sign of pack 6. 😬 We are all investing alot of money.
  4. BigDee

    Pack 6

    I noticed that Mario's Shipmodel's on YouTube has just released some stages from pack 6, he's in Germany
  5. BigDee

    Pack five

    😁😁😁😁 pack five just delivered. Roll on pack six.
  6. I received my tracking number aswell (UK). Royal Mail say delivery Monday 22nd.👏
  7. Just had delivery confirmation email with tracking.
  8. Excellent news. That means we should be due Pack 4 very soon.
  9. BigDee

    Pack 2

    Received confirmation of tracking number today, then confirmation of delivery tomorrow by Royal mail.
  10. BigDee

    Pack 2

    That's great news. Thanks
  11. Got my tracking number yesterday , am in GB.
  12. BigDee


    It would have been nice. Just might save the packs for a while, I have plenty to keep me busy.
  13. BigDee


    I subscribed to the special edition, you get first five packs for a special price of £500.
  14. BigDee


    Hi Are we able to get access to the build instructions for the first five packs, for those that have subscribed for them.?
  15. I've got 11, my wife's birthday 😊 Very pleased.
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