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IXO Mercedes Benz W196R

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I am building the IXO Mercedes Benz W196R (GP version) I did not build the car "Out of the Box". I repainted 99% of all parts and I did a lot of detailing on the engine. Engine is almost done and it is time for the finishing of the car.






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The black cylinder head covers irritate me a bit but the overall picture looks pretty harmonious.

I would have replaced the silver rubber lines. I used 1 mm aluminum wire on mine.

The sharp bend in the thick black ignition cable guide is a bit unsightly.

But the fact that you have also added the small ignition cable numbers gets a lot out of the engine.

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Hi Marek,


I used the engine of the 0006/54 chassis ( which was sold at Bonhams for $29 million) as a reference. I know it is a matter of taste but I like the difference in colors.

I replaced the plastic line of the kit by 1 mm lead lines: easy to use and bend. I agree with you that the bend is not perfect but after several tries I decided to let it go 😏



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