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LaFerrari, Pack 11

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Stage 81, the mobile wing


After pack 10, pack 11 is a breath of fresh air!


For this stage, we simply install the rear fog lightand the prancing horse logo. These simply press into place.


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Stage 82, tail details


This stage starts with the installation of the central tail grill. Place the grill into the frame, then the frame into position on the tail piece. It is secured with 3 H type screws.


Step 2 is the placement of the left reflector. To figure out which is which, the little nib goes parallel with the centerline of the car. Follow the left with the right hand one.


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Stage 83, tail details (2)


In this stage we have more detail parts for the tail of our build.


We start with the right hand tail light bracket. This screws into place with 2 H screws.


Next, the right hand exhaust grill is put into position. The grill is a bit of a guessing game as far as positioning goes, but it is loose enough that we will be able to reposition it around the exhausts later.


Repeat the above steps with the left hand bracket and grill.

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Stage 84, the rear lights


Start by pressing the light body into the light glass. This is a "one way only" fit, so its easy to figure out. press it into place, then the assembly into the bracket we previously installed. The lights are identical, so it doesn't matter which side is first. Repeat the sequence with the other side.


Next, the light harness gets installed. Pay attention to which lead goes to which side, as they are handed. The bulbs are a press fit into the light body.

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Stage 86, the active diffusers



There is a little bit bore going on in this stage. we attach the diffusers, and the rear wing


Start by attaching the wing bracket from stage 83 to the wing with  a F screw. Now fit the rear linkage onto the wing. this is fixed in place with a P screw. Next, the  Then fit the safety clips onto the bracket. Note that there is a keyhole for the attachment points, and that the clips will only go on by aligning the keyhole with the shaped pin on the bracket. Lastly, the linkage is fit onto the wing with 2 P type screws.



Next, the wing is positioned so that the 2 safety clips run down through the frame.  Using the two brackets from stage 83, secure the ends of the wing to the frame using 4 H screws.



Now, install the tail. The two safety clips run through the two holes in the diffuser.



Lastly, the diffusers are installed. Screw the L shaped frame of the right hand diffuser down to the frame on the tail, and slip the safety clip to the diffuser via the pin on the diffuser plate. repeat on the left side.




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Stage 87, the oil vapour tank


Start by fitting the tank lid to the tank top, along with the tank cover.


Next, assemble the vapour tank by first fitting the cap, and then trapping the dipstick unit between the two halves of the tank.


Snap the two halves together. Lastly, press the two tank assemblies together.



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Stage 88, the Hy-Kers inverter



Start by assembling the inverter. You'll need the cover, the 3 pole box, and the bi-pole box. These pressfit onto the sides with no trouble.


Now, fit cable i to the inverter, noting which cables route to which hole.


Lastly, cable 2 is installed.



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