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Stage 84, Assembling the front left window

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Start by fitting the door gear arm to the window. The screw should be on the side with the raised guides.  Use a TP screw to secure the arm to the window.


Next, you'll need the door interior panel from the last stage. Fit the large gear into place on its boss, then place the window into position. There are two pins that are on the arm that fit into the gear. locate these and orientate the gear correctly. Then secure the gear and arm by driving a TP screw through the gear arm,and into the boss. Make sure the gear has freedom of movement.


Next we are working on the door latch. start by placing the spring over the long pin on the lock pin. Be careful here as this spring wants to roll off into the ether. Now, place the lock pin bushing so that the 2 molded in gussets are facing up. Follow this by inserting the long pin on the lock pin into the hole in the door lock bushing, then use a FM type screw to secure the lock bushing to the door panel.


The next step is to insert the quarter window into place, taking care to have the pins on the window in their channels.


Now, take the door interior panel and align it with the 3 fixing pins on the door. lat the door over the interior panel so as to assist in the correct alignment of the window. Once the door panel is properly situated, flip the door over and drive 3 DM screws through the door interior panel and into the door. next use the provided WM screws ans secure the top edge of the door interior panel.


For this next step, you'll need the small strip of carpeting. Remove the backing paper and position this along the bottom edge of the door panel. You'll see a recessed area that reflects its position.


Next, drive a FM crew into the hole near the lock pin.


Using the bit of chrome trim, position it along the leading edge of the door, and firmly press the pins into place.


This completes the stage!

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