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Stage 83, detailing the left door interior panel

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This stage is a bit more involved, and has some lovely chrome bits to spruce up the interior of the door.


Start by press fitting the door armrest panel onto the door armrest. Next, place the arm rest into position and secure it from the back with 2 AP screws. Then, fit the door lock reflector knob into place. It has a shaped hole so it will fit only 1 way in. Secure the knob with an AP screw from the back, then repeat for the other reflector knob.


Now, take the interior panel, and place it into position on the door shell. align the screw holes along the bottom and top of the door. Secure the bottom edge of the door with 2 AP screws.


Next, locate the smaller window crank, and place it into the upper hole in the door panel. secure it from the backside with a BP type screw.


Once the upper crank is fitted to the door, take the larger crank and insert it into the lower hole. Flip the door over and mount the small gear onto the post. It is another shaped hole, so it will only fit one way. Secure the gear with a PP screw.


Now, take the L shaped piece of chrome trim, and place it into the channel that is molded into the door panel. Press the pins firmly into their respective holes.


This completes the stage.


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