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Dull paint

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I am not very fond of the original paint coat of a lot of models: to shiny, to artificial etc. Building engine and chassis now I am repainting all the parts, using also washes and a Scotch Brite rub before I assemble them. Thinking ahead for the final stage of the build I try to find a way to dull the silver upper parts of he car. I prefer a reversible way of dulling in case the result is bad. Any ideas what I could do?

Tia Ton


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I understand what you mean, unfortunately the models often look like toys, and I often don't like that either.

Perhaps you could use chalk dissolved in alcohol to achieve a slightly more used look. This works great with tires.
Or with normal water-based school paints. Properly diluted, this shouldn't leave any nasty marks on the paint.

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