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track wheel breaking off spring attachment axle

dave kelsey

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i have broken off 2 axles where the  springs go after i put the wheel assemblies on, has anybody run into this problem i reglued the shaft with gelled super glue and let it sit overnight, tried to put in next day they broke off again, does anyone have a fix or any suggestions?    thanks

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Hey dave

I had a similar problem with just one of my wheels,the stop thing snapped so the wheel wouldn't stay in place.tried gluing the thing but no luck.so I just screwed a quite long screw into the the tank and put glue over it to keep it 100% secure.  It's not perfect and not sure if your talking about the bit I am but this worked for me and its kept the wheel secure for a few months now no issue.

Should stay absolutely fine once I put tracks on too.but yea it was frustrating.

If I have a problem once the track goes on and it snaps while moving about then will find another solution.

Will post a pic here ,(might have to zoom)





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not the same problem, the post that comes thru the torque spring broke off, i have since glued the shaft back on and used the weaker spring on the 2 that broke

. hopefully that will hold up.

i was sent 2 right torque springs for the track tensioners make sure both wheels spring forward to keep pressure on the tracks. sent request for the left spring, they have been very good on suppling the correct parts.

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