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Pack 11, assembling the fuel tanks on top of the legs


This pack will yield us the abdomen area, as well as numerous detail parts on the legs.


We start by assembling the fuel tanks. Start with parts TR-11-01. Place these in position on the cast in brackets, and secure with 2 PB 2.6x8 screws. Next, stack parts TR-11-02 on top of the previous assembly, and fix with 2 more PB 2.6x8 screws.


Next, assemble parts TR-11-03 and TR-11-04 together as shown. You'll need a bit of CA glue here to fix the 04 parts to TE-11-03. Now, mount this assembly to the fuel tank bases with PB 2.6x8 screws.


You'll need the 8 rods for the next step. Array these around the fuel tank as depicted, then place TR-11-05 and TR-11-06 on top of the previous assembly and fix with a PB 2.6x8 screw, followed by the cap. You'll need a bit of glue on the cap to secure it in place.


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Assembling the left (and right) wheels


Start by assembling the brake discs and calipers. (parts TR-11-16 and TR-11-18, respectively) You'll need a bit of glue to secure the calipers to the brake discs. 


Next, put the tires, TR-11-22, onto the rims, TR-11-20. I did not need to heat the tires to go on, as they are a loose fit. Make sure the "Autobot" logo is facing outwards when you mount the tires!


Now, you'll mount part TR-11-14, followed by two brake rotor assemblies. These are followed by TR-11-92, then the two wheel assemblies. Lastly, place a TR-11-88 then follow this up with a PWB 2.6x8 screw. After the screw is driven home, you'll place TR-11-21 (hubcap) over the screw, thereby hiding it. TR-11-21 will need a bit of CA glue  to secure it in place.



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Assembling the spine


This step looks rather intimidating, but is really simple to accomplish. Do away with the idea of using a hammer, and use a pair of pliers instead.


You'll need TR-11-25,26, and 27 to start. It is a bit of a juggling act initially to get the 3 parts into position, but I found it helpful to start the pin in part TR-11-26, then position TR-1-27 and 11-25. Give the pliers a squeeze, and the pin slips into place, locking the three parts together. Repeat this for another 5 assemblies, joining them together as you progress. The very last segment of the spine is a TR-11-26 and TR-11-28. Pin this as you have done before, only this time use the SHORT pin, TR-11-78. This creates part 9.


Now we add the spine coverings, parts TR-11-24. These are held in place with PB2.3x6 screws. You'll be using all 8 of the 11-24 parts.


Part of the  base for the spine is next. Pay attention to the orientation of both the cables and the spine base. (As illustrated by the inset picture)


The next assembly to be created is the large base and plate for the spine. Assemble part 11 as shown, then fix the spine to it as shown, using more 2.3x6 screws. This results in assembly "B" which is then bolted to the legs and pelvis assembly with M3x8 bolts and TR-11-86 washers.


This completes the spine.

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Assembling the body


Start by inserting two pivots, TR-11-75 into their respective sockets. The are a bit of a loose fit, so make sure they don't fall out as you go along with assembly.


Now,  we make  part 12. This consists of 3 plates that are screwed together, creating a sliding assembly that provide support to the front of the abdomen. Now, using parts TR-11-35 and 36, capture the part 12 assembly , and fix 35 and 36 into place using both PB2.6x8 screws, and PM 3x8 bolts. There will be a lot of torque on this joint, so make sure everything is good and tight.


Next, you'll position brackets TR-11-38 and 39onto the previously installed pivots, followed by two more of the TR-11-75 pivots. Parts TR-11-43 and 43 are then positioned, making sure that the cables run behind these two parts, and are up against the spine. Then using plate TR-11-79 and 4 M3x8 bolts, secure the two halves together.


Following the last step, backing plate TR-11-51 is positioned, and bolted into place with 6 M3x8 bolts and washers.


In steps 10 & 11, the two side panels to the abdomen are made, screwing the silver detail piece to the larger side panel. the screws used are part PWM 2x6. These two panels are then placed on the body assembly, and secured with PWB2.6x6 screws. The directions make note that the screwdriver will need to be well magnetized. They ain't kidding!  The screw sockets are well down inside the part, and a weak magnet effect makes it a bit of a challenge to get them driven home.


The next two parts to be assembled are more side panels. Secure these down with PM 3x8 screws. These are followed by a top panel that joins the two sides together. Use 10 more of the PM3x8 screws here. NOTE: when placing this top plate, route the cables through the hole in the middle.


The next 4 steps are kind of fun. We are making the cooling fan assembly, and grill, followed by anchoring the top of the spine. Start by gluing the 4 fans, part number TR-11-47 to the base, TR-11-46. Next, mount the grill to TR-11-48, along with TR 11-49 and 50. Then, putting glue on the 4 posts on the fan assembly, press it into the sockets in the torso. Follow this with the frill assembly. also using a bit of glue on the posts.


Lastly, install the bracket that secures the top of the spine.







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The Remote


This is a 5 part assembly. Start by installing the circuit board into the bottom half of the remote body The, place the "button pnels" into the upper half, and then keeping the button panel face down, screw the back onto the front. 


Pack 11 is now done!

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