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Bojazz1 Modified Alien Build - Pack 10

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Pack 10 - Stages 69-76

We are getting close to the end a few more packs.

 This pack is great we will finish another leg. That will give us 2 legs and 2 arms. I cannot wait to see what Pack 11 will do next month.

 Pack 69 to 74 are the same build that we did earlier. Just follow the directions and take your time.

In stages 69 - 74 there will be more magnet work, and get that Stormset ready for use. When mounting the magnets with the STORMSET adhesive. I would suggest clamps to hole the magnets in place for 24 hours.

I know this is a bit repetitive, you will have the left leg finished in no time. Something to keep in mind. You might have gotten a little glue exposure on the seams, and added bits. This is normal. There is a simple solution. just get a flat clear-coat paint (Vallejo Mecha Matt Varnish). Simple and water wash up.

 Simple to use. Just brush it where you see some glue areas and in a few moments (when dry) it is gone.

In Stages 74 -76 We are starting the Abdomen. That only means we are getting ready to start securing the leg sections as one. That will be in pack 11.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the completed stages in PAck 10 and completed other stages from other packs.

See you on Pack 11 shortly.



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