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Pack 5 includes another wheel, and the rear axle.


Stage 31, fitting the rear chassis

This is a super quick stage. You'll need the chassis assembly from earlier stage.s. Simply mount the rear chassis to the previous assembly, and secure in place with 3 DS02 screws.


Stage done!

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Stage 032, building the rear axle


We start with the lower half of the rear axle. Using one of the caps, and a splined pin, insert the pin through the hole in the axle, then press it firmly into the cap. Repeat for the other side.


Next, Place the differential cover into place, and secure with 2 PS11 screws. Follow this with the upper half of the rear axle. Position the upper half in place, and fix with 4 DS02 screws, then flip the assembly over and drive a PS25 screw home.


Stage complete.

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Stage 33, fitting the rear right brake disc


There is a lot going on in this stage, so lets get to it!


Take the hub and brake disc, and match up using the pin to correctly position the disc. Then do the same with the outer brake disc and the rear axle inside plate. Once this is done, mate the two assemblies together, aligning the 4 screw holes. secure with 4x PS34 screws. Next, fit the brake caliper over the brake disc, and fix into place with 2 PS21 screws. Now, fit the brake disc assembly to the rear axle. It will fit on only 1 way, so no need to worry about whether or not it's correctly positioned. Fix in place with 2 PS14 screws.


The next step is to mount the traction arms to the rear axle. Take the arm holder, and one of the metal pins, and fit the holder into its recess on the axle. Secure using the pin, fitted smooth end first, and pressed home using a pair of needle nose pliers. The pin should be flush when fully pressed home. Now, fit one of the 2 suspension arms (They're identical) using another of the knurled pins to secure in place. Repeat this with the second arm. In both cases, make sur ethat the arm is positioned so that the screw hole is facing outwards!


Lastly, fit the shock absorber into its shaped hole, and use a PS11 screw to secure it in place.


Stage complete!

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Stage 35, Assembling the rear suspension


This stage mounts the rear axle to the chassis, along with adding more suspension parts.


Start by placing both the springs over the shock absorbers. Then, with the chassis assembly upside down, fit the rear axle into place. (The suspension arms both fit into the recesses on either side of the chassis) Turn the assembly over, taking care not to drop the axle out of position. You'll need to press the chassis down a bit to compress the springs enough to allow the shock absorber to protrude through the hole in the chassis. Fit a PS11 screw onto the end of the shock absorber so secure it in place. repeat for the other side.


To continue, fit the arms into place in the recess, and secure with  PS11 screws, repeating for the other side. (I found that I needed to wedge the arms into place while I drove the screw home. I used a second screwdriver to do this)


Now we fit the drive shaft into place. The driveshaft will fit only one way, so match up the sockets in the floor of the chassis with the pins on the drive shaft. Insert the pin on the end into the rear differential and secure in place with PS25 screws.


Next, the right and left stabilizers get fit into position. These are marked R and L, so there is no confusion. The arm should be on the INSIDE of the brake disc assembly. these are secured from the top with a PS25 screw.


Taking the 2 transverse stabilizer bars in hand, note the difference between the two. One had a large hole, and the other a small hole. The stabilizer bar with the smaller hole is used first. Fit the bar onto the stabilizer bar holder, and secure with a PS25 screw. Now, mount the bar with the larger hole onto its holder, again using a PS25 screw to fix it into place.  Next, you'll need the stabilizer bar connector. the pins match the holes in the two stabilizer bars. Click the bars into position.


Now its time to fit the stabilizer bar assembly into position. Start with the left mount, placing it into its position, and using a PS25 screw to secure it in place. repeat for the right side. Finally, mount the connection onto the rear differential cover.


Stage complete!

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