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The Lotus Esprit, Pack 1

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Stage 1, assembling the bonnet


We start in more or less the "traditional" manner, with the bonnet. You'll need the bonnet sub frame, and the strut bracket for step 1. Place the strut bracket into place and press it firmly home.


Step 2 is the placement of the grill. Note that there is no right side up here, so simply place the mesh into its slot.


Step 3 & 4 secure the sub frame to the bonnet. You'll need the 4 DS20 screws here.  (I always work in a diagonal when screwing these large parts down. E.G.- top right and bottom left, then vice versa. This allows for any needed adjustments to the part if needed)


Stage complete.




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Stage 002, Assembling the front wings and bumper


Step 1 has us placing the right running light lens. Note that the parts are labeled R and L. Position the lens in place.


Steps 2 and 3  are positioning and fixing the reflector into place. Use 2 PS02 screws to fix the reflector into position.


Steps 4 and 5 repeat the right side, only on the left.


Steps 6, 7 and 8 are the placement of the front bumper onto the wing assembly, and securing it into place with 2 PS02 screws.


Stage complete.

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Stage 003, constructing the cylinder head


Step one has us fitting a cam cover caps. Place it into position, and secure it with a PS01 screw. Next, fit one of the gears into the opposite end of the cover, and screw into position with w PS02 screw. Now, repeat these steps for the other cam cover.


Next, fit the oil cap into the recess on the right top cam cover. hold it with a PS02 screw. Now, fir the upper cam cover onto the lower, and secure with 2 P02 screws. Repeat these steps  (save the oil cap, as there is not one on the left side) for the left hand cam cover.


The next steps involve the cylinder head. Taking a spark plug, insert the thicker end into the cylinder head, then repeat for the other spark plugs. Next, using the right hand cam cover, position it in place and fix it with 2 PS02 screws. Repeat for the left hand cover as well, securing with 2 more PS screws.


Stage complete!

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Stage 004, fitting the right door handle, lock mechanism, hinge, and window


This stage starts with assembling the door handle onto the door. this is a simple step, and uses 1 PS02 screw. Position the door handle, and screw through the back side of the door. Next, using the narrower lock bracket, screw it into position with DS23 screws. Now, place the spring over the thick end of the door locking bar, then insert the longer, narrow end through the lock bracket, taking care not to lose the spring. Now, place the wider lock bracket, taking care to match up the shape of the bracket with that of the door. affix with 2 more DS23 screws.


The next step is that of installing the door hinge. This will work only in 1 position, so pay attention to the inset image on step 9. Install the door hinge plate and fix with a DS05 screw.


The window is next. Align the two holes with the bosses on the door, and drive 2 DS05 screws into place to secure the window panel.


Stage complete!


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Stage 005, building the right door interior panel


There's plenty of color in this next stage!

Start with the door interior panel, and press the trim panel into place, fixing it with 2 PS05 screws.


Next is the interior door latch. Press the handle into the frame til it is flush, then place this assembly into position in the lower recess in the interior door panel. Secure it with another PS05 screw.





Now, position the door handle onto the door panel, using the shaped peg as a guide, securing it with a PS09 screw.


Stage complete!

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Stage 006, Assembling the right door


Using the door assembly from stage 4, place the door interior frame into place, securing it with 4 DS02 screws.


Next, position the door lock, and affix with a PS01 screw.


Now, take the interior panel, and snap it into place, starting with the tabs on the right hand side. The tab on the left will click into place, securing the interior panel.


Stage complete.

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