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LaFerrari, Pack 9

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Stage 65, The left door


Start by adding the small "detail part" to the door. this serves to blank off a hole in the door bodywork.


Then, add the door front panel, and secure with 2 Q type screws.


Next, the door interior goes in, followed by the upper interior liner. The door panel is held in place with 3 G screws.


Stage complete.

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Stage 66, the left door


This stage finishes up the door, and mounts both doors to the body.


Press the left door interior into place. This is a good fit, and will snap into place. Next, mount the arm rest, followed by the L shaped bit of trim.


Retrieve the right door, and mount it into place, and secure with a type N screw, then repeat for the left door.



Stage complete.

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Stage 67, the circuit board


This stage starts with mounting the roof to the interior of the body, followed by the sun visors. The roof has a single pin securing it into place, and it can be a bit of a pain to locate the pin into the socket.


Now, mount the circuit board into place with 3 Type I screws.


The circuit board is followed by the roof panel that came with stage 56, so you'll need to have that on hand. Route the overhead dome light so that it exits from under the panel "near" the charging socket.


For this next step, you'll need the subframe part from stage 52, and the 2 uprights from stage 42. screw the subframe into place with type EE screws, then press the uprights into place. Mine were a very tight fit, so I didn't bother with CA glue.


Stage complete.

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Stage 68, The door control motors

Start by confirming the correct orientation of the rack shaft. If it is not correctly positioned, follow the steps listed at the start of this stage.


Start the stage with the rods for the door pistons. secure them as indicated with type N screws.


Next, position the motor brackets, and c=screw them down with type G screws.


Next, remove the steering shaft from the dash, and also retrieve the rack shaft guard from stage 52. Position the steering rod so that the flat on the shaft faces the right hand side of the model, and is so that the flat is vertical.


Lastly, install the door motors, securing them with type G screws.



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Stage 69, the rear left fender


This stage is simple,with only 3 parts.

Press detail A from stage 46 onto the fender. it is a tight press fit.  Follow this with detail B, also from stage 46.


stage complete.


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Stage 71, the front frames


To start this stage, you'll need the nose piece from stage 3. mount the right hand intake pipe, followed by the left.


Next, determine which of the two frames is the right hand one, and mount it to the chassis assembly with 2 J screws, and one A screw.


Lastly, mount the nose piece to the chassis with 2 N screws.


Stage complete!

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