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Stage 80, fitting and testing the headlights

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This stage brings s bit more life to the build. It is really cool to see the headlights work in unison!


Start by placing the right headlight into place. The, using one of the long pieces of tape, temporarily fix the headlight in the fully closed position. Then, using one of the brackets, capture the peg on the left hand side of the headlight assembly. fix in place with a FM screw. (Note; I taped it into position before the recommended time as it made assembly a bit easier) Next, tape the wires into place from the underside with the short piece of tape.  Repeat for the left side.


Step12 is bending the wires on the motor. Make sure you do this slowly and gently, so as to not break the posts on the motor. Move the switch wires out of the way, and temporarily place the motor with the writing facing up.


Now, get the drive shaft and place it in its location. The cams fit at straight up, and 90 degrees facing forward. These cams actuate the stop switches previously installed. Now, place the keeper bracket onto the two posts, and secure with DM screws. Next, place the motor back into its socket. You may have to adjust the position of the gear on the motor to obtain a flush fit of the headlight assemblies. It took me a couple of tries before I was happy with the fit. Lastly, fit the nose panel into place, using DM screws.


to test the lights, take the two pieces of tape holding the wires down off. Plug the motor wire into the motor, and then plug the is wire into socket E on the board. turn on the switch on the chassis, and using the M button on the remote, test the function. turn off when you have successfully tested the light function, and are happy with the alignment of the headlights. 


Stage complete!





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