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Stage 79, Building the headlights

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This stage goes super fast!


Per the directions, pair up the headlight lenses so that there is one each of a lens with a wide tab, and one with a narrow tab. Match up the headlight housings with the corresponding reflector, and secure with a FM screw.


Now, place a lens into the corresponding spot in the left hand headlight housing. repeat with the other lens in the set.  Do the same with the right hand headlight housing.


With the chassis on hand, unplug the two wires labeled A1, and then do the same with the cables labeled A2. Pair the long and short cables together.


Using the long A! cables and LEDs, fit the LED into the reflector of the left hand light housing, and then repeat with the right hand housing. Pay attention to the way the wires cross, and the manner in which they are pressed into the recess of the headlight housing. Lastly, press the headlight covers into place.


The final step is to place a bit of tubing onto the firewall.


Stage complete!

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