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Stage 77, Building the instrument panel, and fitting the dashboard and firewall

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This stage wraps up the dashboard, and mounts the dash and firewall to the cockpit tub.


The first step is to insert the speedometer dial into its bezel. This is accomplished the same way as the clock face was done. The tab fits into the slot and then this assembly is pressed into the instrument panel. Repeat this for the Tachometer as well.


The above assembly sequence is repeated for the 4 smaller instruments as well. Take care to align these so that the instruments are not at an angle to the bottom of the instrument panel.


The next 5 steps are the placement of the various switches and buttons on the face of the dash.


Now, locate the headlight switch. this is placed on the bottom edge of the panel, and fits into a shaped hole.


The next part is somewhat fragile, so take care to not use too much force when pressing it home, Locate the hood latch, and press it into the hole to the left of the steering wheel cutout, securing it with a TP screw.


Now, assemble the hood latch. This has some spectacularly small writing on it that is perfectly legible, so orient the part right side up, so those with a magnifying glass can read it! This assembly is placed on the far left of the panel, and is held in place with a BP screw.


Next is the bracket for the handbrake. Again, this is mounted with a screw from the backside of the panel. When this is mounted, insert the handbrake handle into the hole, ensuring that the writing is right side up.


Now, go get the chassis, and disconnect the A3 cable from the main wiring harness. Next, place the instrument panel trim on the rear of the panel assembly, ensuring that the cable will not be getting pinched between the circuit board and the trim piece. secure it in place with 3 BO screws. Now, route the cable between the dashboard and the frame, with the LED bulb angled in behind the dashboard. Fix the instrument panel into place with 3 UP screws. Then, from the underside, drive a FP screw through the frame, and into the bottom of the instrument panel. Push the LED bulb into the back of the clock reflector. This is a bit of a tight fit, so be gentle. Next, mount the clutch and brake pedal assembly to the frame. Lastly, run the wire across the back of the dash, and using the provided adhesive tape, fix it to the back of the glove box.


Retrieve the clutch bellcrank assembly from stage 72, and insert the shaped peg into the corresponding hole in the firewall, securing it with a FP screw from the back.


Using 2 AM screws to fix the two together, align the dashboard brackets with the two tabs on the firewall, and screw the to assemblies together. Next, push the free end of the hose on the firewall onto the handbrake rod.


Time to mount the steering wheel! Take the steering wheel, and position the bracket over the two remaining holes on the underside of the instrument panel. drive home 2 AP screws to secure the steering wheel assembly to the dash. Now, retrieve the cockpit tub, and mount the bit of hose coming off the left side of the cockpit to the hood latch. Use a bit of CA here, as the hose WILL pop off during assembly! Align the tabs on the cockpit floor with the notches on the dashboard assembly, and starting with the center console, secure with a FP screw. Now, mount the firewall to the cockpit with 3 SP screws.


This completes a rather long and involved stage!



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