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Stage 75, Building the Dashboard and foot pedals

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More dash work!


This stage starts with the left part of the center console. Push the cigar lighter into its location hole. Then, using the dashboard assembly from the previous stage, Fit the panel over the two bosses on the dashboard, and secure with 2 EP screws. repeat this step with the right hand panel.


Next, fit the clock face to the chrome bezel, aligning the notch in the bezel with the tab on the clock face. align the clock face to the large hole in the center of the console, and press it home. Next, fit the reflector to the backside of the clock, and fix it in place with an EP screw.


Now, using the frame piece, secure it to the back of the dash assembly with 2 EP screws. (The third screw will be added in an upcoming step)


Moving on, the brake and clutch pedals are next. The clutch is labeled L, and the brake R. Fit these onto the pedal linkage, and fix in place with 2 AP screws.


The last two steps are adding the 35mm bit of hose to the firewall, and the longer (43mm) bit of hose to the sidewall of the cockpit tub. Secure these with a bit of CA glue.


thsi completes stage 75.

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