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Stage 74, building the steering wheel, and the brake booster

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This stage starts with the assembly of the steering wheel. Select both the support base and the "hub."Press the hub into the base. I found I needed a bit of glue here, to keep the hub in place.


Next, add the steering column to the previous assembly, followed by the steering wheel. The wheel is secured to the steering column with a FM screw. next, the horn button is added to cover the screw, and this then receives a lovely Corvette emblem in the center of the wheel. Take care placing this, as it should be orientated perpendicular to the center spoke on the steering wheel. (I used the tip of an Xacto #11 blade to remove the sticker from the backing paper, and also to place it into position)


The Steering wheel is followed by the brake booster. Start by adding the clutch pump to the booster body. This will align only 1 way, due to a peg on the pump body. Hold the clutch pump onto the booster body with an EP screw.


The next step is to add the booster pump bracket to the second part of the brake booster. secure this in place with another EP screw.


Now, press the second part of the brake booster onto the main body. this is a solid press fit here, so no screw or adhesive is needed.


The clutch pump filter is added to the assembly next, resulting in a complete assembly. Retrieve the firewall, and place the brake booster assembly into place, securing it from the back side with 2 EP screws. 


Stage complete!


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