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Stage 73, Fitting the dashboard panels, and the heater to the firewall

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We get to start building one of the jewels of the Corvette in this stage, namely the dashboard.


Start by attaching the left panel to the dash, followed by the right hand side. These are both held in place with 2 EP screws on each side.


Next, the two firewall brackets are added, secured with 2 FP type screws.


Now, retrieve the firewall, and the first part of the heater assembly. place the heater ducting in place, and then secure with 2 EP screws. The heater motor is next, and this is just a pressfit into place.


Lastly, a length of hose is placed onto it's peg on the firewall. I recommend a bit of CA glue here to secure it, as it's position will receive a bit of knocking around.


Stage finished!

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