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Pack 4, the James Bond DB5

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Pack 4 finishes off the front suspension, the chassis, and has another wheel being built.


Stage 24, Building the left wheel hub, and fitting the upper control arm.

this is a super quick stage.

Start by mounting the left brake disc to the hub, and trapping the disc with the caliper assembly. Secure the caliper to the hub with 2 DS21 screws.


Next, the upper control arm is mounted to the chassis using the two brackets which are secured with 4 DS27 screws.


Stage complete!

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Stage 25, assembling the left front suspension.

This stage wraps up the front suspension, so lets get after it!


Start by mounting the anti roll bar connection point to the lower control arm. Secure the connection with a PS31 screw.


Next, mount the lower control arm to the chassis using the knurled pins provided. There are pressed in from the outside of each bracket.


The shock absorber rod is mounted the same way, with a knurled pin. Now, place the provided spring over the shock rod, and then place the shock cylinder into the spring, and over the shock rod. Position the shock cylinder top into the bracket after having moved the upper control arm out of the way. Using the last knurled pin, secure the top of the shock absorber to the chassis.


Next, install the hub from stage 24  onto the lower control arm, and fix into place with a DS24 screw, then repeat with the upper control arm. Don't overtighten these, as you want the hub to move freely on the control arms.


Stage complete!

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Stage 26, Fitting the steering rod


There is a lot going on on this stage! Start by adding the steering ball joint to the steering column. This is secured in place with a knurled pin. Press the pin home, starting with the smooth end. Next, repeat with the other end.


Now, place the steering column into the chassis, with the flat portion of the D shaped socket facing upwards. Next, feed the steering rod in through the triangular opening in the chassis, then out through the same shaped opening on the opposite side of the chassis. Align both wheel hubs so that they are straight ahead, and parallel to each other, keeping the D shaped opening flat side up. Now, rotate the steering rod so that the teeth engage the teeth on the steering column.


Using DS24 screws, compress the suspension, and attach the steering rod to each hub assembly. leave these somewhat loose, as you want the steering to move freely.


Insert the anti roll bar through the same openings as the steering rod, with the bosses for the screws on the front side of the chassis. Attach the two brackets to the chassis frame, capturing the anti roll bar in place. Using 2 PS14 screws, attach the ends of the anti roll bar to the brackets on the suspension.


The next step is to secure the steering rod in place, using the two brackets with the U shaped hook at the bottom. secure in place with a DS03 screw.



Stage complete!

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My spokes are too short on the third round of spoke fitting (6:50 in the video above), all stop on the inside of the notches.

Further, after clasping down the holding plate following the first and second round of spoke fitting, and screwing it tight, the spokes kept falling out due to a poor fit. Incredibly infuriating and resulting in about 4 hours of wasted time. I ended up supergluing the spokes down so they did not fall back out.

None of these problems occurred on creating the first wheel earlier in the series. 

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