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Stage 71, Assembling the fuel tank cover

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This is one of the largest stages yet, with several pieces of carpeting that need laid down.


Start with the two pieces that cover the fuel pipe tunnel. I would suggest dry fitting them a couple of times, so you can get a feel of how they will go down onto the floor. Start with piece 3. Once that was down, I put down piece 5, followed by piece 5 . Piece 3 is a bit tricky, so take your time so as to avoid wrinkles. Peel away the backing paper from a corner to start, and that will help to get everything aligned. I got lucky, and didn't have any wrinkles on piece 3.


Next, the two placards are fixed into place.


Now the spring that secures the jack is screwed into place. It will want to creep as you tighten the screw, so allow for that as you tighten the screw. you want it pointed straight down when you are finished tightening the screw. Next, press the two halves of the jack together, then place the jack under the spring which will hold it securely.


Stage finished!

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