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Stage 70, Installing the seats

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We have some chrome bling to finish the seats with in this stage!


Start with one of the two back rests you just assembled. Using the seat hinge marked L1, secure it with 2 QP screws. Now, do the same for the right side, using seat hinge R1. Next, using one or the other of the seat cushions, position the hinges over the pivot points, and screw them into place using RP screws. Do not screw these down too tightly, as the seat back needs to move freely.


Now, the seat belts are installed, using RP screws. Pay attention to the orientation of the seat belt buckle, as the rounded corner should be uppermost.


Next, the seat adjustment lever is installed. This is a press-fit into the two holes in the seat bottom cover. (NOTE; The open end of the "hook" of the seat adjustment lever should be facing outboard, or towards the door)


Following the installation of the seat adjustment lever, the seat is screwed down to the floor. The two pegs on the bottom of the seat go into the slotted holes in the seat floor. The seat is then held in place with two flanged SP screws. do not screw these down too tightly, as you want the seat to move easily. Next, assemble the right seat in the same manner, and install it again using 2 SP screws.

(As noted, the seatbelt buckles should against the center console)


Stage finished!


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