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Stage 61, Fixing the center console panel

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After the last stage, this stage offers a bit more, including a tasty bit of shiny chrome.


We start by assembling the gearstick and knob. Press the knob onto the end of the gearstick.Then, insert the assembly into the rubber cover, which is then placed onto the center console panel. This is a pressfit into place. Once this is done, you'll need the cockpit assembly from previous stages. place the console panel onto the transmission tunnel of the cockpit assembly, making sure that the shift lever fits into the hole in the floor. Secure the trim panel from the underside with 3 JP type screws.


Next, the gas pedal is mounted to the floor of the cockpit, making sure that the "L" shaped portion of the pedal is in contact with the side of the transmission tunnel.


Lastly, the arm rest is installed. Once this is in position, it is secured with 2 FP screws.


Stage complete!

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