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LaFerrari, Pack 6

Mark A

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Pack 6, stage 41, The Rear Mudguards


The initial assembly sequence here is a bit of a mind bender. The three components sort of mesh together, but finding the right orientation proved to be a bit of a challenge.




I started by assembling the framework, then matched which panel went where. You'll need two type K screws for this series of steps.



Next, the "inner side panels" get placed into position, and then the appropriate frame with panel is secured into position with 2 H screws, and 1 D type screw.



 Repeat the steps to obtain the result on the other side.



stage finished.

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Pack 6, stage 42 The Rear Suspension (1)


There is a fair bit going in this stage! We are assembling the first part of the rear suspension, and it's looking good!

Start by locating the 4 SMALL hinge brackets and the two sets of tie rods. You'll also need 2 type M screws, as well as one O screw. Screw the hinge bracket in place with an M screw, then place the lower tie rod into position, and secure it FROM THE FRONT with the type O screw. This requires a long shaft screwdriver. Now, repeat the steps with the front tie rod, using another small hinge bracket.




Repeat steps one and two for the other side now.




Stage complete


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Pack 6, stage 43, The Rear Suspension (2)


We start with the two rear shock absorbers. You'll need 2 type N screws for this step.


Start by placing the spring over the strut, then the top mounting plug. You'll need to compress the spring to get the screw into it's place, and maintain compression while you are tightening the screw down. Do both shocks at this step.


Next, locate both the long tie rods, one for each side. position them in place, and secure with a type C screw. The tie rod is next, and is secured with a type T screw.



In step 3, we mount the two large hinge pivots left over from stage 42. You'll want the raised, threaded part to be facing each other when installed on the frame.  Once these are mounted, start with the right lower control arm, and position it in the two hinge pivots. Then, screw a type S screw, one from each side.


Now, repeat this for the left side, and the stage will be finished.

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Pack 6, stages 44, The Rear Right  Brake disc


This is a super quick stage. Start by inserting the drive shaft into the transmission, with the large end being the transmission end.


Next, install the disc and caliper assembly, with the caliper facing forwards, attaching it to the lower control arm with 2 type V screws.


Lastly, attach the two tie rods, securing them to the caliper with one type C screw, (Lower tie rod) and one type U screw. (Upper tie rod)




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Pack 6, stage 45, The Rear Left Brake Disc


The bulk of this stage is a repeat of stage 44, however there are some new bits at the end, left over from stage 41 and I'll cover those steps here;

After the upper tie rods have been attached in step 3, step 4 has us add Side reinforcements. These are comprised of 2 parts, with 2 A type screws securing them to the rear frame. Start with the large piece, and screw it to the frame. Then add the small bracket, starting with the tab that clips into the frame, Then position the lower end so that the pin engages the hole in the first frame part, and gently press it home. After the left side is done, complete the right side in the same manner adding the small container as the last step.


Stage complete.

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Stage 46, The Rear Left Radiator


This is another of those quick stages that makes something kinda cool.

Start with the frame and the piece of hexagonal mesh. You'll note that the mesh will only fit one way. It is a loose fit, so get the mesh placed, and set it aside.


Step 2 has the actual radiator being assembled, using 3 parts. Start by placing the small radiator detail into the main radiator shell, and press firmly into place. This is followed by pressing the assembly onto the frame with the mesh. This is a bit tricky to align, and took some fettling to get the pins located correctly. Once the pins are seated, press firmly into place.


This completes stage 46

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Stage 47, The Ventilation System


There are 6 parts to this stage, comprising one of the radiator fans. Step one is the placement of the ventilation fan onto the fan frame. The fan is non directional, but make sure you have the "shallow" side facing outwards, and press the fan onto the 4 pins.


Step 2 is the placement of 2 shrouds, the smaller of which is secured in place by the larger one. Again, this is a press fit assembly, and the parts will fit only 1 way on.


Lastly, in step 3, the two radiator hoses are positioned, and pressed into place.


This completes the stage.

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Stage 49, The Rear Right Radiator

This stage is mostly a duplicate of stage 47, with only a hose added to the assembly.


Once again, start with  the hexagonal mesh and the main frame. Get the mesh positioned as before, then assemble the radiator. This time, the radiator is one large panel, which presses into the main radiator shell. The main shell is then places onto the frame with the mesh, and pressed into place. Lastly, the coupling shroud is pressed onto its pins, and the hose added as the final bit of assembly for this stage, and pack.



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