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Bojazz1 Modified Alien Build - Pack 7

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Before we start this build section. I want you to do something really cool. You left the leg off to the side from Pack 6. Now, this is a bit freaky. Pick up the leg. You will notice it is room temperature with a little coolness to it. Feels like flesh. Well now that you got the in your mind the rest of the body will feel the same.

Let's get started..............

We are going to work on the right hand, right arm and left hand in this build. If you remember in Pack 6 We started the skull lighting. Now this is something that will not affect me (because I painted the skull and light will not pass through the paint. If you did not paint the skull. Add the lighting and follow Pack 7 for the rest of the lighting. 

We are going to build and assemble the skins, plastic structure and moveable joints first. Again I cannot stress this enough...........TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!! You have all month to do this pack.

Here we go.........

Part 45.......You will be working on the right hand, working on the magnets for the skin and installing  the 2nd part of the skull lights

When mounting the magnets with the STORMSET adhesive. I would suggest clamps to hole the magnets in place for 24 hours.


Part 46.......Installing the palm of the hand, it is a "bit wonky" (to quote Wayne Greene). I started with the rear pins, then the palms. The fingers needed a little flexing for the pins to meet in the holes. Trust me.....you WILL NOT need to glue this. This part snaps in and has a firm lock.

Look how this is taking shape. You will notice I have not installed the Jaw muscle yet. The reason is you may have to adjust the jaw screws later. Plus, I am trying to come up with a color tint to give these a little more definition. This was mentioned in the start of my build with packs 1 and 2.


Stage 51 Part 4........The elbow joint. There is a minor seam that will be seen from the inside of the arm. After securing this part to the joint, I used black electrical tape to cover the seam. To blend the seam into the body. I dry brushed a little red brown over the tape are (see picture).  Keep this in mind at the end of the build we will be looking for some joints that need process and we will go over them at the end.      

Everything was done straight for the instructions (no custom work yet). When mounting the magnets with the STORMSET adhesive. I would suggest clamps to hole the magnets in place for 24 hours. 

Picture note for scale. Each floor tile is 1 foot by 1 foot. This will give you a size of the arm. Along with the leg this will be one big piece..........You are going to need a bigger room!!!!!!


See you at pack 8





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