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Stage 54; Applying carpet to the interior floor

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There are 5 parts to this stage, but don't let that fool you! This stage is fairly fiddly, simply because you are laying large sections of adhesive backed material onto the floor of the cockpit.

The instructions say to test fit the carpet sections before laying them down. All of mine were perfect fits, so the test fitting was more like a dry run on laying it down without wrinkles.

Start with the right section for the transmission tunnel. Peel about an inch of the backing paper away, and CAREFULLY line it up at the wide end of the material. get the material settled into place, then burnish the last 1/4" or so down as soon as you are happy with the placement. Accidental contact of the adhesive side can easily be pulled away, but as soon as you burnish the material down, it becomes MUCH more difficult to peel away.

You can pull ans stretch the fabric to a small degree to avoid wrinkles, and aid in positioning the fabric.

When the right tunnel piece is in place, it is time for the floor. I started with the side that has the oval cutout, as it provides a nice "key" to help with the alignment and placement of the fabric. Once again, start with only about 1" of adhesive exposed, and get the fabric panel placed to your satisfaction. After that, it is a matter of placing it down in small sections, so as to avoid wrinkles. You'll notice that there is a small overlap along the lower edge of the tunnel piece that creates a nice seam, covering up any red plastic that might be showing. 

Once you have the floor piece down, it is time to repeat the exercise on the left side, starting with the transmission tunnel piece again. IMG_5792.jpg.6d9ec946d134e846e87f25464c8d8257.jpgIMG_5793.jpg.4d89907d3fc7b68bd952c7272a05a10a.jpgIMG_5794.jpg.bf3fbd8c0e3eb5fd605092354c6eadce.jpgIMG_5795.jpg.d29ff77010fc6a5736d70593fa35f125.jpgIMG_5796.jpg.7c11759220ec68cbcb7912df984ef749.jpg



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