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Stage 53; Building the remote control and testing the electronics

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There is always something a little more fun to a stage like this, when you get to test the functions of your build. All that time you spent building gets to come to life!

Start the stage by placing the keypad into the front of the remote, followed by the keyboard. Now, taking the remote back, set it into place, and press it together. It is a snap fit, and solidly locks into place. Next, place a CR2032 battery into the battery tray, and slide the tray into place. It will fit only 1 way, and should have the positive face of the battery facing up.



The next steps involve removing the spare tire so as to access the battery compartment. Simply follow the steps as listed in the build guide. (I elected to NOT replace the screw that secures the spare tire in place. The catch on the access panel to the spare tire has enough strength that it supports the weight of the spare with no issues whatsoever)

Now, it is time to test the functions! Work your way through the build guide steps, marking each set of LED bulbs as you go along.

Once the testing is complete, return the power switch to the off position. Bundle the LED cables and stow away the chassis, as the interior carpeting is next!


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