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Door hinge errata

Mark A

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Hi All,


The below is an errata sheet for the hinge on the door.

To disassemble the door, you'll need a flat bladed screwdriver. (I used a table knife) Pry the two trim panels off by inserting the screwdriver between the main door panel and the trim piece, and twisting the blade. this will pop off the panels. For the lower trim panel, start on the hinge side of the panel, and work your way back. Once the trim panels are off, undo the three screws securing the door panel to the metal door. Once this is off, undo the screw holding the hinge plate.

Take the hinge portion of the door, and place it so that the beveled side is DOWN. Then, place the hinge plate over the hinge, and replace the screw you removed during disassembly.




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