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Stage 48, Mounting the engine.

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This is a milestone stage, as the motor finally goes into the rolling chassis!

We start the stage by mounting the lower half of the fuel tank. This is a solid fit that is secured with 4 FP screws.




Next, in steps 3 & 4, the diffuser cone is removed. To accomplish this, the two chrome pipes need to be gently removed, then the cone pried off. In steps 5-8, the air intake is assembled. The diffuser cone is mounted to the lower half of the intake and held in place with 1 EP screw. Next, the upper half is pressed into place, yielding an assembly. You’ll need this soon but set it to the side for the moment.



The next steps are preparing the exhaust manifold to be mounted to the rest of the exhaust system. Start by removing a double-sided adhesive “washer” from its paper backing. Affix this to the exhaust manifold, then repeat for the other side. (I did not do this step, opting to use cement instead. I live in the desert, and adhesive on tape tends to dry out) (Steps 9-11)


 Now, for the big moment, getting the engine mounted! Carefully guide it into place from the top, paying attention to the U joint at the rear of the transmission. Once the motor is in place, turn the chassis over, and check to make sure that the black pulley at the front of the motor is fully revealed from the underside. Next, using the CM screws provided, secure the motor to the frame at the indicated points. Follow this by peeling the backing paper off the exhaust manifold mounting points, and firmly press the pipes into place. (Steps 15-17)



The next steps secure the rear of the transmission in place by mounting the gearbox bracket. This is a bit tricky to fit into place, but I found that if I worked one side in, then the other, it went in fine. Secure it with 2 AM screws.  (Steps 18-20)


The next several steps involve routing the various cables in the engine bay. These steps did not photograph well, so there are no pics. Pay attention to the steps, and do not pull too hard on the cables, lest they pop off the mounting points. (Steps 21-31)


The net task is to get the lower radiator hose fit into place on the reinforcement frame.


Next, the long hose from the coolant tank is placed into position on the water pipe connector, which is found on the top right of the radiator. The top radiator hose is now pressed into place. Mine was a snug enough fit that I did not need to use glue. (Steps 32-35)


In the penultimate step to this stage, the air intake is mounted to the motor. Start by mounting the intake to the motor, and loosely positioned at the intake end. Replace the two silver pipes carefully. Now, taking the “Intake manifold fixing” ring, position the intake manifold over the hole in the reinforcement frame, and insert the ring into the hole and the manifold. This will secure the manifold in place. Lastly, secure the transmission mounting bracket from the top with 2 AM screws.



Step 49 is mounting the upper fuel tank half, the fuel filler pipe, and its mounting bracket.

Start by mounting the fuel filler spout, securing it into place with 1 IP screw. next, press the mounting bracket into place, noting that it fits only 1 way around. Next, press the upper fuel tank half into place, then secure the bracket with 2 AM screws.



This finishes stage 49!

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