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Stage 47, Fitting the fan cover, radiator, and water pipes

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We start the stage by assembling the radiator. You’ll need both halves, as well as 4x EP screws. Inset the back of the radiator into the larger piece, and secure with the 4 screws.  (steps 1 & 2)


Next (steps 3 & 4) the radiator is mounted to the front reinforcement frame. Use 2 FP screws to secure the radiator to the frame. Next, the fan shroud is mounted to the assembly, followed by the mounting bracket. ( Steps 5-8) This is followed by the water pipe connector. This should be positioned in such a way that the connection is facing outboard.


In step 11, the right fender well is removed. This is necessary to allow access to the screw holding the radiator assembly in place. Once the fender well is removed, place the radiator assembly in position over the two brackets on the front chassis. Secure the radiator in place with 2 lubricated EP screws. (steps 12-15)


Now, take the right fender well you removed, and locate the small slot in it. Place the tab on the coolant reservoir into the slot and secure it with another EP screw. Next, place the battery and its tray into position below the coolant tank. This is a press fit. (Steps 17-19) Now, reposition the fender well in its spot, and fix it into place using 2 IP screws. (or the two you took out initially)


In step 23, the water hose connector for the radiator hose is installed. This is a press fit.


Steps 24-27 are the placement of small cables onto the starter motor. Pay attention to the placement of the various lengths of the tubes, and secure with a bit of CA glue.



Lastly, the water inlet hose id pressed into place on the water pump. Pay attention to the position of the hose, as the outer bend needs to face downwards so that it can be placed into position on the radiator.





This completes stage 47!






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