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Pack 1, the James Bond DB5

Mark A

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After months of teasing us with pictures, and videos, the Agora Models James Bond Aston Martin is here, and shipping!

Follow along as I build this beauty.


Pack 1

Stage 001, Assembling the bonnet.


The very first thing you want to do is go find a soft cloth or hand towel. The paint on the bonnet is by far and away the nicest I have seen on a build-up model from any other company, so you’ll want to protect it.

Start by laying the bonnet upside down on your soft cloth. Then, locate the air intake plate and place it into position. Note that this is a loose fit, and that it will be held in place by the soundproofing fabric. Partially peel the backing from the front of the fabric (peel about 3 cm back) and position the two notches over the two bosses that are cast into the hood. Start pressing the fabric into place starting at the front, then going towards the back in a “T” shape. This will allow the fabric to conform to the shapes of the bonnet without bubbles. Pull the remainder of the backing paper loose, and lay it carefully into place, again pressing it into place starting in the center. (Steps 1&2)



Next, place the subframe into place, ensuring that the pins in both the sub frame and the bonnet engage with the appropriate sockets. You will need to pay special attention to the pins at the front of the bonnet. (steps 3&4)



The bonnet hinges are next. You’ll need a set of needle nose pliers for this (Pliers as pictured in the directions) Pay attention here, as the hinge leaves have a tiny little bevel on one face, while the other is flat. You’ll want to have the flat face and the knuckle of the hinge facing the same direction. Insert the serrated pin and press it home with the pliers. (Steps 5-7)


Now, using 4 DS20 screws, screw the hinges into place on the bonnet. Lastly, use 3 more DS20 screws to secure the back of the sub frame into place. (Step 😎



The last part on stage one is the bonnet latch pin. This is a secure press fit into place, but be careful not to exert too much pressure driving it home, or it will fold in half.



Stages 2&3, Building the outer wheel.

For these next two stages, I will defer to the below video. I will say that this first wheel took the better part of four hours to build. I ended up putting a small dab of Gel type CA glue on the rim side of each spoke, as I simply couldn’t get the spokes to stay in place without some sort of fixing. All the whining aside, the finished wheel is beautiful. (Oh. Dressmakers straight pins make great replacement spokes. I managed to tweezer launch a couple, and needed replacements)


Stage 4, Fitting the tyre.

The key to making this easy is boiling water. Get a saucepan with about an inch of boiling water, and toss the tyre into the water. Let it boil for 3-4 minutes, then pull it out with a pair of tongs. The rubber will be soft and pliable. It is now simply a matter of inserting the wheel into the tyre and working it into place around the edges of the rim.


Stage 5, Building the right door.


You’ll want that soft cloth for this stage (and the next 2) as the paintwork on the door is just as nice as the bonnet and will need protecting.

Steps 1 and 2 are the placement of the door handle. You’ll need a PS21 screw to secure the handle to the door. Place the handle into position, and then turn the assembly over to fix the screw into position.


Next, the Window is placed into position. You will want to lubricate the screws for this step. I use a bar of bar soap. Use 2 DS02 screws, to hold the window in position. (Steps 3&4)



The final two steps deal with the door hinge. Place the door hinge mount into its recess, with the angled edges pointing up. Next, take the place, and fit it into position over the two pins, and secure it with a DS02 screw. (lubricated)



This wraps up stage 5!


Stage 6, Assembling the right door panel.

This is a super quick stage, as it consists simply of mounting the arm rest into position on the door panel, and securing it with 2 PS05 screws, Next, the inner door handle is fit into place, and secured with a PS12 screw from the backside of the panel.



Stage done!

Stage 007, Mounting the right door panel and trim.


Take the previously assembled door panel, and the door inside panel provided in this issue, and place the door panel into position, securing it with 4 PS05 screws. Next, using 3 lubricated DS02 screws to fix the panel assembly into place.  (steps 1&2)



Steps 3 and 4 are the placement of the top bit of trim. It is a snap fit. Make sure that is is not TOO tight a fit though!



Step 5 is the placement of the bottom trim. Follow the assembly sequence depicted in the directions, and you’ll have no problems. Lastly, a bit of chrome trim is pressed into place, which finishes this step, and stage!







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