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Corvette, stage 45, Assembling the battery and coolant reservoir

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This battery is a little work of art. All the writing is legible, and it looks great.


Start by locating the battery and tray. Place the battery onto the tray, noting that it will fit only 1 way. Drive the two screws into the bottom of the tray, which secures the battery in place.



Next, the vent plugs are pressed into place on the top of the battery. These have half round locating pegs that will fit in only 1 way, and are a bit fiddly to get into position. All the Delco lettering on the caps faces the front of the battery, so once you have that benchmark, it does go a bit more quickly. A pair of tweezers is a must for this stage!  


Next, find the two wingnuts in the bag of parts. These are a bit fragile, and you will definitely want tweezers to install them. They are a press fit on either side of the battery.


Next, the positive and negative terminals are pressed into place. Note that the negative terminal has a post on the top of it. This completes the battery.



Now, we move on to the coolant reservoir. Take the two halves and press them together, making sure that the locating tab on the inside lines up with the corresponding slot in the other half. Press the two parts together firmly.


Next, fit the “clamp connector” into place, noting that it is another half round locating pin that fits into the correspondingly shaped hole on the tank. Press it firmly home. Now, fit the filling cap into place on the clamp connector.


Next, press the T connector into place taking note of the correct location.


Next, locate the 102mm piece of tubing, as well as the wee little connecting bushing. Thread the tube onto the thinner peg on the connector, then press the larger end into its position on the coolant tank


. Now, using the shortest bit of tubing, press it onto the pin on the side of the clamping connector. Lastly, using one KP screw, mount the bracket to the coolant tank.



One last bit of work involves more tubing that attaches to the starter motor. Place the 80mm cable onto the starter, and the 85mm piece onto the starter coil.



This completes a rather busy stage 45.

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