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Corvette, Pack 6, stages 41 and 42, The left and right wheels, '64 knock-off

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Stages 41 and 42, The left and right wheels. (’64 version)

I am doubling up on the next two stages as they are the last two of the absolutely lovely Kelsey Hayes wheels.

These wheels are exceedingly simple to assemble, requiring only two HM screws. Start by inserting the face of the wheel into the tire. Then flip the wheel over, and insert the back piece, aligning the 2 holes for the HM screws. Lubricate the screws with a bit of bar soap and drive them home. If you are going to use these wheels (I am not, as I prefer the more simple look of the original wheels) you will need to dismount the brake drum from the wheels as originally provided, and mount them onto the Kelsey Hayes wheel, then remount the new wheel back onto the rolling chassis.


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