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cobra or routemaster?

Christopher Christou

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Random thread here,just wondering what people thoughts are on these builds (quality,problems,fun factor,mods ect) as I can't decide what I want to do next.  I really like both 🧐 but can only afford 1 build from them in my next subscription.

Anyone built both? 

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The Routemaster was previously offered by Hachaette;  their quality isn't always great, as is well documented with the Lamborghini Miura. I have recently seen another member here who has waited months for a missing part from Agora for their Routemaster. That said, I have just taken the jump and received pack one. Whilst people have had issues, they appear to be less than those of the Miura which I had originally short-listed. I am currently up to pack 6 of the Cobra. It's ok so far with only a few minor issues. It has been a simple build so far. The problem I have is that I've been spoilt by the IXO Peugeot 206 GTI. It is. so highly detailed and is fantastic quality. Anything I have done since is somehow lacking. I will go back to them for the Mercedes 300 SL, W196R and probably the Porsche 917KH too in hope that they are as good as the Peugeot. 

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Hey 37401

Yea I saw that thread on the guy who has been waiting months for a part for the routemaster....that must be extremely frustrating..🙄

Yeah the miura has had many problems too which is a shame because the builds are expensive and agora are usually very good with quality control in recent times.

I hear what your saying about the cobra being a simple build, I like to be challenged with intricate parts and difficult placements of screws,pins,glue ect so maybe the routemaster could pose more of a challenge.

 The IXO Peugeot sounds amazing from what you have said.  I need to check that out! 

Thanks for your advice 👍

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