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Big, solid and articulated !!

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Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Italy.
I'm really excited about this model! 
The quality of the pieces is excellent and they fit together very well. 
The design is superb: there are no visible screws or bolts (only in the elbow joint is it necessary to insert two rubber caps which do an excellent job of covering) and the structure is really solid! 
There is an excellent balance between plastic parts and metal parts. 
Once finished, the model should weigh around 13 kg (as reported on the Agora Models website)....
I believe that the greatest difficulty in designing an articulated model of this weight is to make it stable and poseable: 
for now the model does not disappoint expectations! 
The arms are fully articulated and solid! (the elbow bends much more than 90 degrees; the head even has 2 joints, one of which allows the head to look up...probably to create the iconic pose of the Optimus Prime with the matrix of leadership with the arms extended upwards) 
Even the fingers hold the position perfectly and the movement of the wrists is very resistant! 
With package number 6 you build feet that are simply enormous!! 
21 centimeters in length (see the comparison photo with my slipper) for 0.94 kg each! 
They are practically all made of metal. The ankle joint is very resistant and is able to bend a lot (this suggests exceptional poseability for a model of this size and weight). 
The model has very interesting details: personally I used a TAMIYA PANEL ACCENT LINE BLACK to accentuate all these details (obviously this intervention is not absolutely necessary! but it makes the robot even more attractive). 
Some parts must be glued although I personally noticed that certain pieces can be inserted even without the use of glue and still maintain their position (obviously this solution allows in many cases to avoid having visible screws and bolts!). 
I can't wait to continue building this model... if it maintains the quality, solidity and poseability characteristics seen so far, it will certainly make history. 😎






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Hey Marco

It really is impressive the scale.of this model.from your pictures I can see that it's bigger than I thought!

Nothing but good reviews from this build so far.well done agora!πŸ‘

Transformers was before my time and I don't have a special connection with it. Even though optimus looks awesome in so many ways I'm more of a power rangers dude lol

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