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Bojazz1 Modified Alien Build - Pack 6

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The Build of Pack 6

Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!! 2 MAJOR parts completed and starting of the skull lights (if you decided not to paint the skull from Packs 1 and 2). Heed this warning........TAKE YOUR TIME. You have a whole month or better to build this stage. Once you do this stage the rest will be easier.

We are going to build and assemble the skins, plastic structure and moveable joints first. Again I cannot stress this enough...........TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!

We are going to start the fun at Part 41 of pack 6. This going to require CA glue (aka crazy glue, loc-tite, etc.) You are going to glue the upper and lower ridge portion of the knee can. Let the glue sit and bond properly. Now you will slide this outer skin up the shin into the knee. Line up the side screw holes and secure accordingly.  You do not have to worry about the seam from the upper and lower section. They will be covered.

We are going the frustrating part of the build. Attaching the outer skins. In step 7 of Pack 41, you will be working with the shin parts. You will be joining the 2 skin parts together. Plot this out and work in sections.

Dry fit the seam line and line up the holes. You may need to make them a little larger to accommodate the locator pins. If the line up and you are happy with it start using the CA glue doing 1-3 locator pin section and let fully dry. Do this for the rest of the skin layer.

I cannot stress this enough......You have all month to do this. Take your time!!!!!!

Fit the shin skin sections over the plastic part of the leg. At this point you will need some finesse and a third hand.  The lower part of the shin by the ball joint with will need to glue the lower ridge grooves. Similar to what you did with the front of the shin skin section. Again do not worry about the ridge seam. It will be covered with a rubber boot.

The rear metal shin plate snaps in the alignment holes. You will need to add a beaded glue line to secure the skin to the plate.

Follow the same pathway and you did for the shin are for the  thigh and upper leg section.

Finally,  you will be attaching the foot (Part 43). Follow the instructions and glue two sections as they are mounted on the foot.


                                        You have complete a leg and the rib cage

Now time to start the hand and skull lighting. Just follow the instruction guide.  That is a simple stage. See some of my picture below.

To give you an idea of the length of the leg........Each floor tile is 12 inches by 12 inches (or 30.48 cm). The leg measures 26 inches (66.04cm).

This is going to be some big figure!!!!!!!!!

                             SEE YOU ON PACK 7......Till then, happy modeling!!!!!!!!!!









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