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Corvette Pack 5, stages 33-40

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Wheels, wheels, and more wheels!


Stages 33 and 34 are devoted to building the alternate set of wheels. The assembly sequence is the same as all the others previously. Start with the outer wheel and place it into the tire. Then flip the wheel over and locate the inner wheel rim over the two screw holes. Secure it into place with 2 HM screws.



I am keeping the first set of wheels on the car as I prefer the simplicity of the hubcap. That said, the new wheels are beautiful!


Stage 35, Fitting the front left inner fender.

This is a super quick stage.  Locate the two holes in the chassis, and place the inner fender (Wheel well) so that the two tabs engage the locating holes. Turn the assembly over and secure the wheel well in place using 2 IP type screws.


Stage finished!


Stage 36, Fitting the right front  inner fender.


This is a repeat of stage 35. Place the inner fender and secure with 2 more IP screws.



Stage 37, Preparing the spare wheel mount.


Using an IP screw to secure it, place the spare wheel mount into the D shaped hole. The screw is driven from the topside of the chassis.


BOOM! Stage done!


Stage 38, Assembling the spare wheel holder.


Start with the reinforcement “bar” and place it onto the spare wheel cover lid. There are two pins that locate the wider side, and there are 2 EP screws at the narrow end. IMG_5495.jpg.f26cef3fc216b7906eb8aa6161febfa2.jpgIMG_5497.jpg.c25b9a7255163dc2d1aed5d6d566c765.jpgIMG_5498.jpg.903cd3534e110135e7ad7683eff345a0.jpg

Next, using the housing provided in stage 37, use the 2 KP screws to form the hinge pins. (step 4)



This completes this stage.


Stage 39, Adding the spare wheel.


You’ll be building 2 wheels in this stage, the “fancy” spare, and the ’63 version. Again, I am using the more plain wheels, but the assembly sequence is the same as all the other wheels.



Next, place the spare wheel holder onto the chassis, and secure with 4 DM screws. Now, place your spare tire of choice into the holder and using the rubber washer and a IP screw, secure the spare wheel into place. Lastly, close the lid…



Stage 40, mounting the battery compartment and speaker.

First, snap the lid of the battery cover into place. Next, place the battery box into place on the chassis, and secure with 2 DM screws AT THE REAR of the battery box. Next, in step 4, place the speaker, face down into its spot on the chassis, using the speaker holder and 2 more DM screws, secure the speaker into place. You want to make sure that the wires are on the upper face of the speaker.



This completes the stage, and pack 5!


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