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Stage 13: Steps 4 and 5 Instruction Booklet Depiction Error?


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Since completing Stage 13 steps 4 and 5, I have been troubled by the results of my build vs the depiction of the build on page 8 of the Pack 3 build instructions.  The instructions on page 8 depict the tip/end of the Gear Shift Housing (the “T” with the small hole through it) in a perpendicular position (i.e. pointing up and down) once the engine is mounted to the frame).  However, my build only allows for the end of the Gear Shift Housing being positioned horizontally once the engine is mounted (given the tabs and slots that are built into the two pieces 13D and 13F).  

Am I doing something wrong or are the pictures in the instruction booklet just wrong?  That “vertical”/“up and down” depiction of that “T” continues forward throughout the instruction booklet (Stage 14 top of page 10, and even into Pack 4 Instructions: see Stage 17 page 5 of the instructions where there are 3 images of the Gear Shift Housing depicted in that position).  

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