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Pack 6, the feet

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Welcome to pack 6! In this pack, we have the parts for both feet. Since assembly is the same for each, I will only be covering the construction of the left foot. Assemble the right foot the same as described below.

Part 1

Start by using the included test board, to ascertain if your LED’s are both working.

Part one; Start with TR-6-04 and TR-6-01. You’ll also need 4 PWM2X6 screws. Assemble the top of the foot.


The next part requires TR-6-23, TR-6-17, TR-6-19&20, and TR-6-12, You’ll also need 2 PM2.3X^ screws. Assemble as per the diagram, then place the assembly in the front of the foot, and secure with 2 PWM2X^ screws. Repeat for the other foot.


Next, find 2 TR-6-15 pieces, as well as TR-6-14. Press the two yellow pieces into TR-6-14. These are a solid fit, and need no glue. Repeat for the other foot.


Part 2

The next steps provide the “bones” of the foot. You’ll need the provided Allen wrench for the next several steps.


Pull part TR-6-07, and TR-6-05. You’ll also need 4 lock washers, as well as 4 PM3x8 bolts. Place part TR-6-05 onto TR-6-07, and secure with the 4 bolts and lock washers. Next, add TR-6-21 onto the assembly. Make sure the two bolts are tight, as there will be a lot of torsion on this part.


 Next, add TR-6-09. This part requires careful study of the diagrams to get properly placed. The hole should be TOWARDS THE CENTER of the foot. Secure with two more PM3x8 bolts and lock washers.


For the next step, you’ll need TR-6-03, TR-6-16, and 4 PM3x8 bolts with lock washers. Part TR-6-16 is a loose fit into the lower toe and is held in place with the “bones” of the foot. It’s a bit fiddly, but once the bolts are in, the part will stay put nicely. +


The next step is to place the cable, as per the diagrams


. Next, part TR-6-10 (the instep?) is bolted to the center of the foot. Make sure the cable is not pinched during assembly. The next parts to go on are 2x TR-6-16, and the sole of the foot, TR-6-02. Secure this with 4x more PM3x8 bolts and lock washers.  


The next part to go on is the top of the foot. Make sure you plug the cable into the LEDs! You’ll need 4 more PM3x8 bolts and lock washers to secure the top to the foot.


Lastly, we will assemble the “heel” of the foot. Take the assembly from page 9, and pull TR-6-06 from the parts tray. Bolt the back of the heel onto the metal part, then secure it to the rest of the assembled foot with 4 PM3x12 bolts and lock washers.



This completes the left foot! Compare your part with the diagram, ensuring that the orientation of the ankle is correct. (That hole that needs to be towards the center of the foot.




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