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LaFerrari, pack 5

Mark A

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Stage 33 is a super fast stage. It consists of 4 parts to finish out the transmission.



You’ll need the motor and transmission. Start by placing part C onto the end of the transmission. Ypu’ll need 2 type “I” screws. Once part C is secured, place the cover over the screw holes and press into place. Mine was a good fit, so glue was unnecessary.



Next, fit the bottom cover into place. Again, this is a press-fit, and glue might be necessary, although it was not needed in my case.


Lastly, the side cover is fitted into place. This completes the transmission, and this stage!

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Stage 34, the right exhaust manifold, part 1

 Well, the title of the stage lies to you! We actually use parts from earlier in the build to finish out the front of the motor. (You’ll need the extra parts from stage 31)


Start with the crankshaft pully. Press this into place, then place the belt. This is a bit fiddly, but I found it to be easier to get the belt into position if I worked from right to left. (small pulley first) Once the belt is in position, please the belt cover over the crankshaft pulley. Next, add the water pump. Both these parts are a good press fit, so glue will not be required.  Lastly, press the last fitting into place onto the large peg in the correct location.


Voila! Stage done!

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Stage 35, the right exhaust manifold Part 2


In this stage, you’ll assemble the right exhaust manifold. You’ll need the parts from stage 34. The next 2 stages deal with the exhaust manifolds. This is essentially weaving snakes.

Start by IDing the individual manifold pipe parts. This will save you an immense amount of time later. I laid mine out in alphabetical order.


Start by inserting manifold E into place. It doesn’t matter where you start in the manifold connector. You will be working from right to left however. Place D to the right of E. The outside edge has a slight curve to it, which will help in IDing the correct orientation.


Follow D and E with F and A. I found that if I used the connection flange, it gave me an additional point of reference, and helped to orient the parts more easily.


Lastly, place B and C. These took a bit of fiddling to maneuver into place. I left the connection flange in place as the parts of the manifold want to wiggle out of place when handled.


Congratulations! You have woven a basket of snakes!


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Stage 35, The left exhaust system


This is a quick stage. Step 1 starts with the two halves to the exhaust box, and press fit them together. These snap into place nicely. Now, take the left “Terminal” and press it into place on the box.



For step 2, take the two halves of the Catalytic converter and pipe. Sandwich both the exhaust manifold and the assembly from step 1 in between the two halves of the pipe/catalytic converter. (I found it easier to start at one end of the assembly, and then do the other end. I started with the exhaust manifold) Snap the two halves of the pipe together, and secure with a type I screw. Move to the other end, and secure with 2 more screws.



Lastly, using the flange from stage 34, place the flange over the pins on the exhaust manifold, and press the pins home through the flange. Once this is accomplished, insert the pins into the engine block, and press them firmly into the holes in the block.



Stage finished!


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Stage 38, the right exhaust system


The first part of this stage is a repeat of stage 37. Refer to stage 37. (steps 1-3)



In step 4, hydraulic hoses are added. Mine were badly coiled from the packing, so I poured boiling water over them, which straightened them right out. I started on the left side, placing the bracket first, then placing the ends of the two hoses into the transmission. The, I repeated this on the right side.




Step 5 is another set of hydraulic hoses. Place the ends that are of equal length into the two holes in the forward left side of the transmission. The connection here is a bit tenuous, so I used a bit of CA glue to secure the pins into their respective holes.




Lastly, the set of 3 yellow electrical cables is placed, again using a bit of CA glue to secure them in place permanently.



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Stage 39, the ignition system


Start the stage by fixing both the head covers into place with 4 type H screws. These are from stage 9.


Next in step 2,  using the leftover plug caps from stage 8, cover the screws with 4 of  the plug caps.


step 3 is the actual plug leads. Mine needed the boiling water treatment again to straighten them out. once they dried, it was a simple matter to plug the ends onto the plug caps.


Step 4 is the placement of the exhaust manifold guards. These fit onto pins that are cast onto the valve covers installed in step 1. They are not marked L and R, but the "cupped" end goes over the end of the exhaust manifold on the catalytic converter side of the assembly.


Step 5 is the installation of the lower left guard. This is a press fit into place. Exercise care so as to not snap off the pins. It does take a bit of pressure to snap the guard into place. 

Stage finished!


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Stage 40, the engine cradle

This is a big, beefy stage with almost no work involved! Start by fixing the engine compartment walls into place. you'll need 2 type D screws, and 4 type H screws for this. (and a long handled screwdriver!) Fix the panels into place with the type H screws, then with the long handled screwdriver, drive home the type D screw. Repeat for the other side.


Step 2 is a bit intimidating to dry fit, but it helps immensely if the exhaust system is rotated DOWN, so it fits easily into position. Next, secure with 3 type B screws.


For step 3, the engine bracket is simply placed into position. It is a bit of a loose fit.



Stage and pack finished!

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