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Stage 32 :fitting the rear suspension and wheels.

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There is a lot going on in this stage, and we will end up with a rolling chassis!


We start the stage by adding the two lower swing bars. Locate the two swing bars, and also 2 PM screws. Install the small end of the swing bar into its position and secure with a PM screw. Repeat this for the other side. (Steps 1-3)



Next, we add 2 universal joints to the other end of the swing bars. Secure these with 2 CP screws, remembering to leave them a bit loose. (step 4)



In steps 5-7 we add the shock damper rod to the lower control arms. Secure these in place with 2 AM screws. (steps 5-7)



Next, the lower control arm is added to the rear suspension assembly we have created so far. Start with the left control arm and fix into place with two AP screws at the U-joint. Repeat with the right side. (Note: the orientation of these is a little confusing to start with. Pay attention to the “cup” in the mounting bracket on the rear differential. This will help you determine the right side to place the left arm.) (steps 8-11)

In step 11, the swing arms are connected to the lower control arms with an OM screw on each side.



Next, locate the two strut rods, nuts, and the cool little wrench provided. Thread a nut all the way onto the strut rod. Insert a nut into the nut shaped recess in the lower control arm. Thread a second nut on, so that the end of the rod is flush with the face of the nut. Tighten this assembly from the top, using the provided wrench. Next, locate the 2 thick rubber washers. Place these ON TOP of the leaf spring, and follow them with a nut. The end of the rod should be flush with the face of the nut. (I secured the nut with a bit of CA glue) (Steps 12-18)



In steps 19-20, the rear shock is installed, and secured with a GP screw. Next, the spring is placed inside the rear shock. (step 21)



In steps 22-30 the rear suspension is installed onto the chassis. This is a bit like herding snakes, as there are numerous parts that need to line up with their respective mounting holes.

Start by inserting the driveline into the tunnel, then line up the rear shock rods with the holes in the housings, Next insert the rear control arms into the sockets on either side. The last thing to line up is the support bracket. I also drove a screw in this part first. Take two CM screws and fix the large support bracket to the rear chassis, followed by two SM screws into the sides of the chassis, and through the rear control arms.



The next steps are the attachment of the various brake lines. The only fiddly one is the one that passes through the floor pan. It took a bit of time to wiggle this one into place. The others are an easy install.


Lastly, the wheels are installed. This is pretty simple stuff!



Stage finished, Pack 4 complete!

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