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Stage 31: Attaching the rear leaf spring.

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This is another quick stage.


Locate the two axle drive shaft pieces, and 4x CP screws. Attach the drive shafts to the u-joint on the rear differential using the CP screws. Remember to leave the screws loose, as you’ll be needing to position the drive shafts once more in the next stage.



Next, in steps 5-8, place the leaf spring over the two long posts on the bracket that is attached to the rear differential. Next, place the leaf spring plate over the leaf spring, making sure that the molded in detail is facing up. Lastly, secure with two AM screws.



The exhaust hanger brackets are next. You’ll need 2x DM screws. Start with the right hand bracket, and with the chassis upside down, place it in its recess. Then flip the chassis over and secure the bracket with a DM screw. Repeat for the left side. (Steps 9-12)




The last steps in this stage place more cables. Start with the 145mm long bit of tube, and affix it to pin one, as shown in the photo for step 13. Next, affix the longest bit to pin two, followed by the last piece onto pin 3.



Stage complete!

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