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Stage 30, Building the rear differential case

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This stage goes by quickly, with no surprises.

Start by making the three U-joints. You’ll need 6x AP screws. Do not over-tighten these, as you’ll need to be ably to position the U-joint in stage 31.


Next, locate the lower half of the rear differential, as well as the “fixing post.” The two short pegs on the fixing post go into the lower differential half. Fix in place with 2x DM screws.


Steps 6 and 7 fix the support bracket in place. Note the orientation of the support bracket in relation to the lower half.


Next, take the three U-joints and place them into the lower differential half. Now, take the upper half, and sandwich them between the halves of differential case. Use a single DM screw to secure the halves together.


Locate the bracket shown in step 12, and secure it into place with two more DM screws.



Steps 13 and 14 place the large frame cross-member. You’ll need your last 2 DM screws to fix it in place.



Lastly, the drive line is fixed into place. You’ll need the last 2 AP screws for this. (this is where you’ll appreciate having left the AP screws a bit loose in the U-joints, as it makes getting the AP screws in much easier when you can maximize access to the screws)



Stage finished!


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