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Stage 29: Attaching the rear chassis.

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This stage will yield us the full frame.

Start by adding the two “side panels.” These are handed and are stamped R and L, so there is no mixing them up. Secure each with two CM screws.



Next, we mate up the main frame with the rear. This only goes in one way, so no worries. Uses in one way, so no worries. Use 4 more CM screws to secure the rear chassis to the main frame. (My rear frame was a bit pinched, and I needed to spread it out a bit. This did result in 2 of the hose mount points being broken off, so exercise caution! I’ll replace the missing bits with some stretched sprue.)



In step 6, the crossbeam cover is gently removed, so that the screws holding the exhaust pipes can be accessed and removed. In step 9, the “chassis cover assembly” is placed under the exhausts, and the cylinder bracket rod is slid into the hole of the steering damper cylinder. Next, the exhaust is replaced, and screwed back into place. (Take caution placing the frame cover so as to not damage the handbrake cable mount) secure the frame cover in place with 8 CM screws. (steps 13a-14) Steps 15a and 16 detail the replacement of the crossbeam cover and screwing the cockpit floor to the rear chassis frame.



Steps 17 and 18 route the long cable that is attached to the frame through the cockpit floor. Steps 19 and 20 attach the crossover line.



Lastly, attach the two remaining hoses to the suspension knuckles on the pins cast into the brake covering plate.



This completes this stage!               

pic 23.jpg

pic 30.jpg

pic 31.jpg

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