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Stage 28: Fitting the gearbox

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This stage’s title is a bit of a misnomer. What you are building is actually the steering gearbox.


Start by inserting the smaller gear into the upper hole, followed by the large gear, Then, place the steering gear shaft with the flat on the outer end facing up. Make sure all the gears are meshed properly. Add the other half of the gear box, and secure with 2 FM screws.


Next, locate the “C” shaped linkage. This is placed onto the steering bar.

 (NOTE; I found it FAR easier to dismount the steering bar, and assemble the linkage off of the model. There is not a lot of room, and I simply could not get the linkage to stay in place while I tried to drive a screw to secure the it. See pic)


After the linkage is installed, and the steering bar is back in position, the gearbox is placed into its recess, and secured with a DM screw from underneath. After the steering box is in place, attach the linkage by placing the square pin on the steering box into the mating hole in the linkage.


This completes stage 28.

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